Adventures in Hugo

February 14, 2020

This is not my only blog, I also have a blog with my workout buddy.

Last year I bought a domain and made us a blog in Gatsby. The process to update it did not work for my friend and so it died. When I got the notice of the domain being automatically renewed, I decided to try again with a new platform and deploy process.

Good news. It works!

The pieces

It in made with Hugo and deployed with Netlify. I set up my friend with Visaul Studio Code for editing.

Why it worked this time

The process to update the site is better.

Hugo is a static site framework written in Go. Like Gatsby, it also uses Markdown for posts. Hugo is quicker to build and has less dependencies than Gatsby.

My previous attempt used AWS for hosting and my build process was not automated. By switching to Netlify for builds and deploys, updates are quicker and easier to do.

My friend wanted her code editor to do all the things. She was using Atom and the process to push her files to a repository was too convoluated, so she didn't. I suggested VSCode because I use it and would be able to help her with any questions. The built in Git and terminal is what won her over.

Reember the process is just as important as your tools.